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What is Brotherhood Membership?

"From the beginning of the Order in 1915, all members have been equal. There are no ranks.  As an Ordeal member you are entitled to all the rights and privileges of membership in the Order. Yet, so important is the induction sequence that the Order strengthened it by creating Brotherhood membership. It is an opportunity for members to evaluate their past service to Scouting (camping, service, and unit involvement) and to the lodge since their Ordeal induction.

Brotherhood membership is sought by Arrowmen seeking to reaffirm their belief in the high purposes of the Order. Before becoming a Brotherhood member, each Arrowman makes a special effort to serve the troop or team and to learn about the Order. Each Brotherhood member commits to even more service to Scouting through the Order." - OA Handbook page 47.

Brotherhood is an opportunity for members to evaluate their past service to Scouting (camping and unit involvement) and to their lodge, and to reaffirm their belief in the high purposes of the Order.  Once an Arrowman has been an active Ordeal member for at least 10 months, he (or she, in the case of adults) may choose to seal his membership by becoming Brotherhood. It is important to note that Brotherhood is the only OA level that a Scout may choose for himself.  (Ordeals are elected by their units; Vigil honorees are selected by their Lodge.)

How Do I become a Brotherhood Member?

  1. Learn the signs of Arrow membership - they may be found in your handbook or on the JumpStart website:
    • Learn the Obligation of the Order, which you received from Allowat Sakima (printed on the back of your membership card and in your OA handbook on page 10).
    • Learn the Order of the Arrow Official Song (p.13)
    • The Admonition
    • The sign of Ordeal membership
    • The Arrow handclasp.
  2. Advance in your understanding of the Ordeal: Gain a thorough understanding of the Ordeal through which you have passed. (refer to pages 52-54 on your handbook for reference).
  3. Serve your unit. Retain your registration in Scouting: During a period of at least 10 months after your Ordeal, strive to fulfill your Obligation by continuing and expanding your service to your own troop.
  4. Plan for service in your lodge: Retain your registration in your Order of the Arrow lodge and keep your dues paid. Be aware that acceptance of Brotherhood membership involves a pledge of service to the lodge. Develop a concrete idea of how you plan to fulfill this pledge.
  5. Register for the Lodge event you wish to attain Brotherhood Membership and show up Friday evening.

When can I become a Brotherhood Member?

At almost every gathering of the Lodge we offer the ability for Arrowmen to become Brotherhood members of the Lodge.

Spring Induction & Service Weekend
Fall Induction & Service Weekend

Why is the event registration fee more for a Brotherhood Candidate?

You will notice that the event fees for those wishing to become Brotherhood Members of the lodge are more than the standard event fee.  This is to cover the cost of the Brotherhood Sash.

How do I learn more about becoming a Brotherhood Member and the Order?

Jumpstart is (www.jumpstart.oa-bsa.org) is an excellent reference for information on the OA and the Ordeal. You can also use it to help review for Brotherhood. The website even has sample Brotherhood questionnaire questions.

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